Professional Profile:


Mr. Zimmerman has over 25 years of experienced leadership in diverse information systems management and logistics functions that include strategy, policy, operations management, program and acquisition management, lifecycle management, financial management, and human resources management.  He earned a reputation as an empowering leader and an action oriented decision maker known for strategic vision and targeted solutions that solve customer’s problems.  His approach in analyzing and improving the relationship between people, processes, and technology transform dysfunctional organizations into highly efficient and productive teams.  Mr. Zimmerman provided over 20 years service to the United States as an Officer in the Army.  His diverse leadership experience in elite military organizations, which includes Delta Force and the White House Communications Agency, contributed to his success as an independent consultant and author of "Your Leadership Map".  Mr. Zimmerman has used his operational experience and institutional education to develop the Leadershp Map (LM), which he uses to assist leaders and managers in all types of organizations accomplish their goals.


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