I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.

  - Frank Lloyd Wright


The Value Added:


There are many reasons to use Zimmerman Consulting LLC as an independent consultant to assist you and your organization.  Three of the more common reasons to take advantage of our services are summarized below.  Zimmerman Consulting is here to serve you and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in achieving your mission and vision.


Expertise If you have looked at Ed Zimmerman’s Bio, you already know that he has a wide variety of real-world and educational experiences in organizational leadership, information systems management, and logistics management.  These experiences have shaped Zimmerman Consulting LLC’s approach and more importantly taught him the importance of continually refining his approach for optimization.  He has the ability to successfully implement initiatives that allow individuals and organizations to define themselves and realize their potential.   Additionally, Zimmerman Consulting will bring in additional expertise from a wide network of associates, as needed, to insure the client gets the best services available.


Fresh Look Often an organization or a team starts to lose the ability to look at itself in an objective manner.  Many organizations start to become myopic in their views of organizational issues and initiatives.  This limited perspective begins to take a toll with team members and/or customers.  Too often an organization does not see the problems associated with their limited view until it is too late.  Zimmerman Consulting can be used as that fresh perspective and provide the other side of the story that might be missed when you have the same people going through the same process to come up with solutions.


Cost Effectiveness There is always a cost associated with someone providing your organization services.  The question is whether the cost is worth the results of the services.  Zimmerman Consulting provides strategic consulting services and seminar speaking services that would be very pricy for an organization to hire full time leaders/managers to perform.  By hiring Zimmerman Consulting you get effective services without the cost of hiring a full time employee.  This is particularly attractive with initiatives that do not require a permanent long term presence or initiatives that need that outside perspective that normally cannot be provided by someone within the organization.


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