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Credentials & Rates:

Zimmerman Consulting LLC is pleased to provide affordable strategic consulting services as well as seminar presentations in a wide range of organizational areas including: Leader/Team Development, Strategic Planning, Knowledge Management, Change Implementation, Marketing/Business Development and Performance Assessments.  A summary of Ed Zimmerman’s credentials as well as rates for services are captured below. 


1. Experience and Educational highlights:


            a. Experience


§  Authored “Your Leadership Map”, Published in September of 2011

§  Over 35 years of leadership in the government and private sector

§  Over 20 years military experience at the tactical, operational, and strategic level

§  Over 20 years of experience in relationship building with senior level leaders

§  Over 15 years of experience relating to strategic level program/project management


¨      Provided seminar and consulting services centered on the principles from his book “Your Leadership Map: Navigating Your Way to Greater Organizational Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Success

¨      Successfully managed government, private sector, and international programs/projects

¨      Experience includes the development and implementation of strategic policies, business plans, marketing plans and operational strategies

¨      Led and managed the operation of many multifaceted organization


            b. Education


§  Masters Degree concentrating on leading organizational change

§  Over 4 years of Army institutional education in various subjects pertaining to leadership, information systems management, and logistics


¨      Defended a thesis addressing how to implement a streamlined battlefield logistical support approach capitalizing on information/knowledge management concepts

¨      Graduate of the Army’s School of Information Technology, Information Systems Management nine month course

¨      Certified Knowledge Manager and Board Member, International Knowledge Management Institute



Education Summary



- Masters of Military Science (Concentrating on Organizational Change Management), United States Army Command and General Staff College

- Bachelor of Science, Biology, Radford University, VA


Other Educational Accomplishments:


- Certified Knowledge Manager, International Knowledge Management Institute

- Graduate, Information Systems Management Course, U.S. Army, School of Information Technology

- Graduate, Command and General Staff Officer Course, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

- Graduate, Support Operations Course, U.S. Army Logistics Management College

- Graduate, Combined Arms and Services Staff Course, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

- Graduate, Advance Logistics Management Course, U.S. Army Logistics Management College

- Graduate, Quartermaster Officer Advance Course, U.S. Army Quartermaster School

- Graduate, Quartermaster Officer Basic Course, United States Army Quartermaster School



2.  Rates: 


            a. Consulting Services: Senior level consulting expertise is provided at extremely competitive rates in the five general areas below.  The rates may be discounted based on the specifics of the situation. 


Consulting Services

Hourly Rate 

Leader/Team Development

$ 195

Strategic Planning

$ 195

Knowledge Management

$ 195

Marketing and Bus Dev

$ 195

Performance Assessments

$ 195


            b. Seminar Speaking Services: Ed Zimmerman’s speaking services are negotiated specific to the event.  A 90 minute presentation with a questions and answers session normally starts at $3,000.  This may be discounted based on the specifics of the situation.