Knowledge Management How critical is information to the success of an organization?  Although many individuals say that people are an organization’s most valuable asset, it is really knowledgeable people who are your most important asset.  An organization has an enormous amount of data and a wealth of information.  The real question is has the organization created “corporate knowledge” and more importantly is that knowledge being shared and converted to wisdom by the people within the organization?  Knowledge Management (KM) is achieved when people, processes and technology are brought together in a synergistic manner so that productivity can be increased 10 fold, 100 fold, or even 1,000 fold.  A lesson learned by one person can become a lesson learned by all.  Those organizations that don’t change will become too ineffective and inefficient to compete and become irrelevant. 


There's a war out there, old friend.  A world war.  And it's not about who's got the most bullets.  It's about who controls the information.

- Cosmo (Sneakers, 1992)


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