Change Implementation Change is inevitable.  Individuals and organizations should not only recognize this but should embrace change.  However, too many people are scared of change.  It is this fear of change and the unwillingness to accept the thought that change is constant that is the problem.  Implementing change can be a challenge but like most things, it comes down to executing a good plan that addresses the people, processes, and technology aspects of the change.   Employing a methodology to change that allows everyone to participate is not easy but it is essential to the success of implementing the change at hand.   Too many initiatives are supported half heartedly in both planning and execution giving the appearance that the idea to change was wrong when in reality the weak implementation of the change initiative is what was wrong.

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

  - Peter Drucker

            Zimmerman Consulting can help facilitate the type of environment that is needed for change to succeed.  We have vast experience in numerous types of change initiatives.  Ed Zimmerman has a Masters degree that focused on leading organizational change and for most of his career has taken on large scale change initiatives. 


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