Leader/Team Development:  You, as a leader (and we are all leaders in some capacity), have an impact on other people.  We lead people not organizations.  An individual’s ability to influence people in a sustained fashion does not come from a position or a title but comes from the individual’s character and his/her ability to understand and listen to other perspectives before effectively communicating vision and direction.  Leaders are part of a team and true leaders understand how to inspire and empower the team members to achieve a synergistic result.  Team/organizational success is dependent on an effective leader who is able to communicate what needs to be done and empowers all members of the team in a complementary manner which maximizes individual strengths and makes the individual’s weaknesses irrelevant.


Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships.

 - Michael Jordan


Zimmerman Consulting provides services that can be tailored to your needs. We assist you in developing and implementing an organizational leader development program.  We facilitate on-site or off-site leadership retreats or other team building initiatives. We provide individual leadership coaching for key leaders or future leaders. Remember no matter how good a leader you are you always want to get better. Often improvement comes from someone who can provide you a different perspective in regards to you and your organization.



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