Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress.

  - Thomas Edison

Zimmerman Consulting LLC provides consulting services that can be used for the full spectrum of organizational leadership and management.  Whether you are coaching a youth sports team, or leading a private company, military organization, or a volunteer group;success comes down to your understanding of people, processes, and technology and being able to adjust techniques in each area based on principles and the uniqueness of the situation.  There are many organizations that don’t understand this or just need assistance in this type of problem solving.  The good news is that Zimmerman Consulting provides assistance that will allow an organization to get a better understanding of various challenges that are impacting an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.


Organizational effectiveness, the holistic view:  You lead people, you manage processes and you use technology to enable your ability to lead and manage—it is all about people, processes, and technology.

People:  Individuals and organizations have skills as both leaders and managers.  The leader must communicate vision, inspire and guide others for a common purpose or mission.  The leader must ultimately empower individuals to achieve the vision.  When you empower others, you create a leader within that individual who is far more likely to produce the results needed to succeed.  The leader is focused on people and effectiveness.The manager organizes tasks, obtains things needed to perform the tasks, and monitors the results of the tasks.  A manager ensures that there are reliable, efficient, and repeatable processes in place.  The manager focuses on processes and efficiencies so that the organization can perform the mission and achieve the vision that the leader communicated.

Processes:  All successful organizations have processes in place designed to streamline workflow and insure the mission is accomplished not only effectively but as efficiently as possible.  The best organizations have processes in place for every aspect of the mission, whether operational or administrative in nature.  These processes can be thought of as habits when you think of an individual or plays when you think of team sports.  Whether you are talking about processes, individual habits, or plays in team sports, what you really care about is how effective they are in achieving the desired result and at what cost or the efficiency.  This means they must be measured against a benchmark and continually monitored and improved upon.

Technology:  Technology is the great enabler for both leaders and managers.  It is through technology that leaders communicate and managers get performance feedback.  The use of technology allows for more accurate and timely communication and feedback.  Newer technology allows for changes to old processes and creates cost savings through previously unrealized efficiencies. 


At Zimmerman Consulting LLC, we are able to use a holistic approach to help you become more efficient and effective in performing your mission and achieving your vision.  We can help you in strategic areas that many organizations often need assistance--to include:



Leader/Team Development


Strategic Planning


Knowledge Management


Change Implementation


Marketing or Business Development


Performance Assessments




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